'Bright White Colors' Hand Embellished Edition Print

'Bright White Colors' Hand Embellished Edition Print
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Limited Edition Print Hand Embellished
Technique: Fine Art Giclée
Paper: PC Velvet 270gr
Print Edition size: 1 / 20
Size: 65 x 92 cms
Embellished with : Spray Paint, acrylics, pastel.
All units are unique and different due to the embellishment process.
Certificate of authenticity included.
Signed and numbered by the Artist.

Discovering ‘Bright White Colors’,
The Embellished Print Edition

‘Bright white Colors' is a new print, made in a fine art paper Giclée, dedicated to the wall and the magic that happens in it. Based in my Original ‘Bright White’ artwork, a very similar version is now out. A mix of textures, fat cap & layers of ink. Over the last few years I have dedicated more and more importance to colors and its movement on the perception of the final result. How I see them , how each of us interprets them. Something I carry with me from the streets to the atelier. . All the integration between the abstract and the physical world is something I love to explore. Freedom and choice at the time of my work are directly linked to the final result. An attempt to represent the white wall, with the explosion of colors that are my truly passion.Something I am eternally grateful for.' - Helio Bray

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