'Halo' B&W Hand Embellished Print Serie

'Halo' B&W Hand Embellished Print Serie
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270 Gr PC White paper
Technique: Fine Art Giclée
Size: 100 x 70 cms
Edition size: 1 / 20
Signed and numbered by the artist.
Hand embellished with: acrylics, spray paint and metal glossy paint.
Not framed.

NOTE : All units are hand embellished one by one, in a very similar way of shown in the picture, although they all will be different and unique due to the hand finished process.

'Helio Bray is excited to present his new mix between print and hand embellished work. A 270 gr PC White paper, print with the Giclée fine art technique gives us a beautiful final result. Adding to that, we can find in this last work of HelioBray, a whole hand embellished work. It was planed as a combination between the fine art Giclee and with the urban tag as a strong composition of union between the interior and exterior artistic vision.The vision is something that the artist is focused on. The eye, as a way to reach the final picture. The final vision, opinion and composition about what the graffiti path as given to us. A unique result of an impactful artistic movement.'

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