'Nº31' Original on Canvas

'Nº31' Original on Canvas
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Painting on Canvas 100%cotton. Framed with Black Wood.
Size: 100 x 81 cms
Mediums: Acrylics, spray paint, pastel and liquid chrome.
Year: 2023

HelioBray Studio is proud to announce the release of 'Nº31'. A new work of art, arriving with new inspirations and meanings. The pointillism technique, which has been a great challenge for the artist, is definitely something to take into account when we talk about and discover the new HelioBray canvas. The mix of pigments and hard acrylic colors makes a final result full of textures and shadows. The intensity of the lines, drags of paint and spray are something very intense in this work.

In searching of a surrealist composition, the artist is always focused on the colors and their meaning. We have multiples warm colors in the creation, and we can observe as well the contrast with some very cold pigments in it. That is something cractheristic in almost all compositions of HelioBray's work. Leading us to a certain level of vivacity in the final result.