'Solar State' Luxury Edition

'Solar State' Luxury Edition
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Hand Painting & uv Print on Acrylic Sheet
Material: Acrylic Golden Mirrored Sheet
Size : 100 x 70 x 0,3 cms
Edition Size : 1/20
Signed and numbered by the artist.
Not Framed.
Comes inside a special bag.
Certifcate of Authenticity included.

NOTE: Due to the process of creation, the hand painting part is diferente and unique in each piece. That will bring a more exclusive and interesting value of the final work.

'Step into a world of detail and indulgence with 'Solar State,' a truly exceptional piece of artwork that pushes the boundaries of creativity. Meticulously crafted on a special and distinctive mirrored golden acrylic sheet, this mesmerizing composition captivates the eye with a harmonious blend of dot work, bars, and graphic formations.

With each stroke and brushstroke, the artist masterfully weaves together a dance of intricate patterns and fluid movements, creating a visual symphony that resonates with a sense of elegance and grace. The golden backdrop, infused with the richness of the precious metal, lends an aura of luxury and grandeur to the piece, enhancing its overall impact and visual appeal.

But more than that, ' Solar State' it is an immersive experience that transcends the confines of its frame. The mirrored surface, acting as a gateway to the surrounding environment, casts a magical spell, reflecting everything that lies in its vicinity. This interactive element adds an intriguing dimension, engaging the viewer in a delightful interplay between art and reality.' - Christopher Laurent.

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