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'Hand Style' Limited Edition Print

Sale price€300,00

Print Details:

Technique: Giclée Fine Art

Paper: Pc Velvet 270gr

Size: 95 x 73 cms

Edition Size: 1 / 75

Not framed.

Includes Certificate of Authenticity

Signed and numbered by the artist.



' I had a profound connection in the creation of a new edition of prints featuring a wall inspired by the movements and lines present in my urban artworks. It's like having a piece of the street, but at our homes. This project reinforces the significance of my graffiti roots to me. The process of bringing this edition to life was a true labor of love. I carefully selected some of my most iconic urban pieces, each representing a unique aspect of my artistic journey. These works capture the energy and vibrancy of the streets, showcasing the raw talent and creativity that graffiti embodies. To create the wall for this edition, I meticulously studied the intricate details of my letters. I wanted to ensure that every line, every stroke, and every movement was faithfully reproduced. The result is a stunning representation of the urban environment, the tag itself as a main subject , encapsulating the essence of my graffiti style. By transforming these urban elements into a clean and elegant form, I aim to challenge the traditional perception of graffiti as something more confused. I want to showcase its true artistic value and demonstrate that it can seamlessly integrate into our living spaces, adding a touch of sophistication and uniqueness. This edition of prints serves as a reminder of my roots and the journey I have undertaken as an artist. It symbolizes the evolution of my style and the impact that graffiti has had on my life. It is a celebration of the streets, the culture, and the community that have shaped me into the artist I am today. I hope that this edition of prints allows people to appreciate the beauty and artistry that can be found in the streets. It is a testament to the power of creativity and the ability to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. May it serve as a constant reminder of the importance of embracing our roots and staying true to ourselves. ' 


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