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Helio Bray Studio

the work

Over more than 20 years of carreer, the artist is always creating and innovating in his creations. Here you can discover new works available.


Working with diferent materials, we will find in Heliobray's work materials such as the classic premium cotton and linen canvas, cardboard, premium papers, epoxy, acrylics sheet & wood.


If you are in the mood of always be surprised, the Artist Helio Bray has this special way of work. Every work is always created to be diferent then the last.

Black & White / Colors

Helio Bray is well known for his alchemy in mixing colors spontaneously. In contrast we may find the opposite as an attempt to have a challenge for the artist himself.

Black & White


The Studio

Everything starts here

It's about a special place and a wonderful feeling of freedom. Heliobray's studio is established in Palmela, Portugal. The nature environment, the beautiful landscapes, are such a place to create. Here, everyday is a new start to mix colors, and cover walls.

The Studio

Helio Bray Studio